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Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

This article is intended to help give you small bathroom decorating ideas. A small space is one of the worst to deal with, because you have limited options when it comes to decorating.

Small bathrooms can be a huge design and decorating challenge but if you have the right combination of fixtures, surfaces, colors, decor and lighting, you can create the illusion of a much larger space. In recent years, bathrooms have expanded in size but you still get the small, cramped spaces that are difficult to handle.

Color and light

One of the first additions of small bathroom decor is color and light. In general, any space will always seem larger if it is lighter and brighter. Be sure to take full advantage of any natural light available in the bathroom. Make sure any curtains or shades are translucent and keep your windowsills empty so that there are no obstructions to sunlight. When you are choosing paint color or a color scheme for the entire bathroom, focus on lighter, livelier colors.


Your choice of an overall stylistic approach for your bathroom can also serve to expand or contract the space. Even though any style can work in a small space if it is minimal enough, traditional, rustic or country styles tend to have more adornment and decor than contemporary or modern styles, which are usually more sleek and streamlined. A great example of a space-saving fixture that works well in a more updated design is a pedestal sink. This sink can work great with a simple, straightforward style.


Lighting can go a long way in creating the illusion of more space in a small bathroom. Task and decorative lighting can be played to open up the bathroom, with the ink and shower illuminated with task lighting. You can then illuminate the space above and below cabinets with decorative lighting to create height and depth in the space.


Another way to add height and depth is with your choices for surface patterns. For walls, you may need to consider beadboard or wallpaper with vertical stripes to add a sense of height to the entire space. Hardwood floors or tile should run the length of the space to make it seem longer. Tilework on the walls should be perpendicular to flooring, in order to create further depth in the space. For wall tilework, consider adding unbroken, continual horizontal line designs. These will create the illusion of s space that keeps going everywhere you look