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Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom storage ideas

Bathroom storage is always at a premium if you have a small space. All of us have many odds and ends such as makeup, razors, hairbrushes and toilet paper. You need to have these but where do you put them? If your clutter is getting a bit out of control, you might find the following bathroom storage ideas useful. You can add a shelf above the sink that allows you easy access to the items you use every day. Don’t forget about the space above…

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Bathroom germs

Bathroom germs and how to get rid of them

Some people refer to bacteria in the bathroom as bathroom germs. While your bathroom might not be as populated by germs as your kitchen, it is still a concern. Your bathroom contains it fair share of illness-causing bacteria hiding just about everywhere from the sink faucet to your towels. Changing some habits and doing some spring cleaning once in a while can help you to make your bathroom as sterile as an operating room. Tips to help stop bathroom germs: Color code hand and bath…

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Bathroom safety tips for kids

These bathroom safety tips for kids are just a small collection of ways to protect your child in the bathroom. Their safety in the bathroom one of the most important things to look at it. Thousand of people get hurt in bathrooms because of wet tiles, negligence or even on purpose. A child is more vulnerable, especially when they are toddlers or younger. The following bathroom safety tips for kids may help you but you might already have an idea of how to protect them.…

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