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Bathroom safety tips for kids

These bathroom safety tips for kids are just a small collection of ways to protect your child in the bathroom. Their safety in the bathroom one of the most important things to look at it. Thousand of people get hurt in bathrooms because of wet tiles, negligence or even on purpose. A child is more vulnerable, especially when they are toddlers or younger.

The following bathroom safety tips for kids may help you but you might already have an idea of how to protect them. Just like the elderly, they are vulnerable to injuries and it will affect them later on in life.

The simplest way to avoid injuries in the bathroom is to make it inaccessible unless your child is accompanied by an adult. You may install a latch on the door at adult height so that your child can’t get into the bathroom when you aren’t around. Make sure you have a lock on the door that can be unlocked from the outside just in case your child gets locked in from the inside.

The following bathroom safety tips for kids will help you to prevent any injuries while your child is using the bathroom.

Bathroom safety tips for kids:

Bath safety

Children can drown in only a few inches of water, so you should never leave your child unattended, even if it’s just a few seconds. If you really have to answer the door or the phone, wrap your child in a towel and take him or her along with you. Bath seats and rings are basically only bathing aids and they aren’t meant to be used unattended either. Please note that you should also drain the bathtub when you are done.

Water safety

Scalding is a real threat when you bath your child. The hottest temperature coming from your tap, should be no more than 48.9 degrees Celsius. In some cases, you can adjust your hot water heater. Another great thing to get is a mixer tap. This helps you to correct the temperature while you are filling the bathtub. When your child is old enough to use the taps, teach him or her that its better to turn on the cold water first.


Who knows of someone who never slipped in the bathroom? Your child might be small but hey, injuries can become fatal. Install non-slip strips or mats on the bottom of the bathtub. Put a cushioned or soft cover over the taps so that your child doesn’t get injured when accidentally bumping into the taps. Always close your toilet lid and try to get a toilet lid lock. A curious toddler who tries to play with the water can lose his or her balance and fall in. You could also close the bathroom door at all times but make sure it is ventilated.


Make sure you keep your medicine in containers with safety caps. These caps are merely child-resistant and not childproof. It is always best to store your medicine and cosmetics in a space too high for your child to reach. Do not keep your frequently used items in the same cabinet. Rather have a second cabinet that’s also hard to reach with a safety latch or lock. This prevents your child from accessing the items even when they do reach it.

Electrical appliances

This might not be the case with most households but there are some who use electrical appliances in the bathroom. If you use any appliances such as hair dryers or razors, make sure you unplug them and store them in a cabinet with a safety lock. The safest option is to use them in a room where there is no water. An electrician can install special bathroom wall sockets that can lessen the likelihood of electrical injury when an appliance falls into the sink or bathwater. The problem is that these specialised plugs do not always work an fatal electrocution might take place.

Please consider the above bathroom safety tips for kids so that your child is safe and out of any danger. As you may already know, children are very curious and they tend to let their curiosity get the better of them.