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bathroom safety modifications

Bathroom Safety Modifications

Bathroom safety modifications are necessary if you want to protect yourself and your family from becoming injured. According to the National Safety Council in the United States, more than 200 000 people are injured i their bathroom each year. You cannot eliminate the risk entirely, but you can make your bathroom a little bit safer. Install adequate grip In a room where there is splashing water, good traction is must. Do not install slick, glossy tiles on bathroom rooms. Install smaller tiles in the shower,…

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Bathroom safety tips for kids

These bathroom safety tips for kids are just a small collection of ways to protect your child in the bathroom. Their safety in the bathroom one of the most important things to look at it. Thousand of people get hurt in bathrooms because of wet tiles, negligence or even on purpose. A child is more vulnerable, especially when they are toddlers or younger. The following bathroom safety tips for kids may help you but you might already have an idea of how to protect them.…

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Eldery Bathroom Safety

Approximately one person dies each day from a bathroom related injury in the US. Nearly 200,000 bathroom accidents occur in the US each year. This accounts for 70% of all home accidents. Those who have slipped in a tub would know the truth. The bathroom is not the safest place is the house. Especially not for the elderly. Please keep in mind that the elderly do have problems with their vision, coordination, balance and they are a bit frail. When the bathroom area is slippery,…

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