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Eldery Bathroom Safety

Approximately one person dies each day from a bathroom related injury in the US. Nearly 200,000 bathroom accidents occur in the US each year. This accounts for 70% of all home accidents.

Those who have slipped in a tub would know the truth. The bathroom is not the safest place is the house. Especially not for the elderly. Please keep in mind that the elderly do have problems with their vision, coordination, balance and they are a bit frail.

When the bathroom area is slippery, it increases the likelihood of an accident. The maneuvering required to shower and bathe requires lots of bending and lifting actions. To us, it might not be a problem but for the elderly, it is. All of the motion can actually raise the risk for a slip and fall. The elderly are at increased risk for death following a fall. So tub and shower safety must always be a priority.

Nowadays you don’t have to renovate your whole bathroom. That’ll cost you an arm and a leg, right? So why don’t you go for a budget-friendly option. In the list below, some of these options will be explained.Unfortunately we can’t provide you with the costs or specific manufacturer.

Bathroom flooring.

  • Non-skid mat or coating in the shower to reduce slipping.
  • Install a shower seat that is mounted securely.
  • Shower doors that are made of safety glass or plastic
  • Install grab bars inside the shower and outside the shower for safe exit. Also, install near toilet area for assistance standing and sitting.
  • Use a non-glare finish on your bathroom floor or install textured tiles..
  • If you want to use carpet, only use low-pile carpet.. Never use a bath mat or throw rug.


  • Install ample, non-glare lighting.
  • Make sure there is a light in the tub or shower area, too.
  • Ensure the light switch is next to the door.
  • Place a night light or automatic lighting for safety reasons.

Bathing safety.

  • Install a walk-in tub, walk-in shower to help reduce elderly falls.
  • Make sure the toilet paper holder is easily reached from a sitting position on the toilet.
  • Make sure towels, soap, shampoo, etc. are easily accessible from inside the shower.
  • Dry off before you exit the shower to reduce the risk of slipping.

Easier bathroom use.

  • Install a lever handled faucet and shower control that is near the entrance of the shower.
  • Have a phone installed in the bathroom that is accessible from the toilet and the tub.
  • Install a raised toilet

Other bathroom safety tips.

  • Install a pressure control and anti-scald controls.
  • Keep counters and shelve clear of clutter.
  • Bathroom doors should be unlockable from the outside and should open out.
  • Install GFCI outlets to protect from shock.