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3 Bathroom Design Tips

What are the first few things you need to think about before redesigning a bathroom? If you want to design a bathroom but don’t know where to begin, here are 3 tips, special from our pros, to give you the most out of your renovation.


One thing to consider while planning your bathroom is the flow of your private space. The three important elements of your bathroom design are the sink, the bathtub, and the toilet. Using and cleaning your bathroom can quickly become a tedious task if you have a poor design layout.


Unlike other rooms in the house, overhead lighting in the bathroom is insufficient. In a bathroom, you don’t want the lights behind you, casting a shadow over the room. You need it positioned where it falls in front of you. Under-cabinet lights shine directly onto countertops.


Make as much use of the available space as possible when planning bathroom storage space. Reduce clutter as much as possible to make more space available. Create and clean a safe environment for you and other people to use. Make sure you include: overhead cabinets right to the roof, easy access points, and more drawers than cupboards.