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Bath Towel

Any bath towel comes in a wide range of styles and thread counts in order to provide you with maximum softness when you get out of the bath or shower. Towels can be made from a variety of textiles and made with special technology. This allows towels to absorb more water, stay strong, dry quickly or retain a super-soft feel over time. Towel terms like “zero twist yarns” might confuse you but that is why this guide was created. The key terms used to described…

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Bathroom germs

Bathroom germs and how to get rid of them

Some people refer to bacteria in the bathroom as bathroom germs. While your bathroom might not be as populated by germs as your kitchen, it is still a concern. Your bathroom contains it fair share of illness-causing bacteria hiding just about everywhere from the sink faucet to your towels. Changing some habits and doing some spring cleaning once in a while can help you to make your bathroom as sterile as an operating room. Tips to help stop bathroom germs: Color code hand and bath…

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