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About Bathrooms

About Bathrooms

Bathrooms are rooms containing a bathtub or a shower (sometimes both) and it usually contains a wash basin, a toilet and possibly a bidet. A wash basin is a sink that is used for washing hands, brushing teeth or washing small objects. It also contains a drain through which used water is disposed.

The first records of the use of bathrooms date back as far as 3000 BC and baths are recorded as part of the lifestyle of the villagers and the town dwellers. Water is seen as a purifying element for the body and the soul and an integral part of any modern bathroom.

Types of bathrooms
En-suite bathrooms are bathrooms that are directly connected to the bedroom. The intention of these bathrooms is that only the occupants of that bedroom should use that bathroom and they are usually accessed from within the bedroom.

Master bathrooms are bathrooms directly connected to the master bedroom or adjacent to it.

A shared bathroom is a bathroom situated outside of any bedroom and are shared among people staying in separate rooms.

A private bathroom is a bathroom that are available for your exclusive use but they are accessed outside of your immediate bedroom. Although the may be adjacent or near your bedroom.