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Bathroom Sink Styles

Bathroom sink styles can be that small component hat makes or breaks your bathroom style. When you want to buy a bathroom sink, there are a couple of things to consider. First of all is the overall that you want to achieve. Do you want your bathroom to be slick and modern or ornate and original? From wall-mounted sinks that attach directly to the wall and don’t use floor space to bathroom sinks that are mounted in a vanity or sit above a countertop. There are many to choose from and some suppliers will even help you to choose. Whatever your requirements are, there is a bathroom sink out there that will meet your needs. There is no standard size for a bathroom sink. The general rule is that sinks are 16-20 inches (40.64 – 50.8 cm) in diameter, and most rectangular sinks are 19-24 inches (48.26 – 60.96 cm) lengthwise and 23 inches (58.42 cm) front to back. Most bathroom sinks are 5-8 inches (12.7 – 20.32 cm). The following pieces below are the most popular styles and mounting options.

Self-Rimming Sinks

This style is the easiest to install and it can be fitted into an existing counter. A rim encircling the bowl sits on the countertop to support the weight of the sink.

  • Also known as drop-in sinks
  • Most popular style
  • Easiest to install, approximately one hour
  • Can be easily be installed into an existing counter

Vessel Sinks

These are typically bowl-shaped units that sit on top of the counter surface. They do not require undermount installation.

  • Also known as countertop sinks
  • They are generally higher, which makes them more comfortable
  • A bold design choice
  • Vessel sinks require a pop-up drain

Wall-Mounted Sinks

These are perfect for bathrooms that could use extra floor space. This sink is supported by the wall and does not require a vanity base, countertop, or legs.

  • They often include a shroud to hide any piping
  • Do not use any floor space
  • Good choice for small bathrooms
  • Can be installed at different heights

Pedestal Sinks

It is a stand-alone style sink that takes up floor space. You can install this ina small bathroom where storage isn’t a priority.

  • Not installed into a vanity
  • Features a wide basin and a narrow base
  • Similar to a birdbath shape
  • Take up relatively little floorspace

Undermount Sinks

This sink is installed below a solid countertop. It maximizes counter space and it is easy to clean.

  • Must be used with solid-surface counters
  • Gives a smooth look that’s a rising trend
  • You can wipe directly into the sink
  • Easy to clean

Console Sinks

These are a cross between wall-mounted and pedestal links. The exposed base offers a less bulky option for small spaces.

  • Wall hung sink with two or four legs
  • Acts as both a basin and the counter
  • Saves space
  • Compact and offers storage