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Bathroom renovations

Bathroom renovations are usually undertaken to restore the bathroom to its good condition or to improve it to a better condition.

It is advised that before making any renovations, you should take note of the things you like about your current bathroom so that they can be incorporated in the renovation plans. Take time to look at other similar bathroom renovations in magazines, newspapers and even the Internet. This time spent on research will ensure that you get exactly that which you want.

Some simple basics of renovating your bathroom include the following techniques:
Choose a color: experts suggest that white and very light colours in small bathrooms create more room. Add some colorful towels to give the bathroom a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Choose the lighting: consider using frosted windows to allow light while maintaining privacy. This is best if you have a large window. If skylight is used, it provides a natural overhead lighting. Also consider adding more mirrors in the bathroom. The reflections from the mirrors give the bathroom a more larger appearance.

Choose the floor: you should try to uncover as much of the floor as possible by using wall mounted cabinets. The use of large tiles with small grout lines helps the bathroom appear larger. The floor should also be light in color so that it can reflect light and create an illusion of larger space.

Once all the above is decided upon, the renovation process can begin. All renovations should be followed according to what was planned.