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Types of showers

Types of bathroom showers

In order to buy or install the right bathroom showers, you need to know which one would work for you and of course how much it’ll cost you. Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with the prices but we can explain what bathroom showers you can get and how they work.

Mixer showers

They mix hot and cold water from your geyser to reach the desired temperature. Mixer showers are normally faster than electric showers. You can make the flow stronger by adding a seperate pump. They are ideal for combination boilers, unventilated and thermal store systems.

Electric showers

These take water from the mains cold water supply. They then heat the water when you turn the shower on by passing it through a heating elements inside the shower. They are ideal for households where here is a limited supply of hot water.

Venturi showers

This is not a common type of shower. The shower does not use any pumps or electrical connections that can work with cold water and gravity-fed hot water. The velocity and pressure of the cold water passing through the venturi, creates a suction effect which pulls in hot water from your geyser. The water then mixes in the valve or in the showerhead.

All-in-one Power Shower

They take water from both hot and cold water storage tanks. It then mixes the water to reach the desired temperature. All-in-one power showers produce a more impressive spray because it uses a internal pump that boosts the water flow. They are ideal for home that use a stored supply of hot and cold water.

Digital shower

Digital showers allow the mixing unit and user controls to be sited seperately using a wireless connection. The mixing unit is available in two models, one which boosts gravity fed systems or a mixer valve unit for use with high pressure and combination systems.

Thermostatic and care showers

Thermostatic showers provide the safest and most comfortable experience for everyone. This is a very safe system to have if you have children, the elderly or frail to worry about.