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Bathroom storage ideas

Bathroom storage is always at a premium if you have a small space. All of us have many odds and ends such as makeup, razors, hairbrushes and toilet paper. You need to have these but where do you put them? If your clutter is getting a bit out of control, you might find the following bathroom storage ideas useful.

  • You can add a shelf above the sink that allows you easy access to the items you use every day.
  • Don’t forget about the space above your toilet. You can easily install a cabinet, some shelves or just a basket for toiletries or reading material.
  • Hang some spice racks so you could organize your makeup and aerosols.
  • Do you have no space for towel racks? Just install them on the back of the door.
  • Install a shelf above the door to have that extra space.
  • If you use hair dryers in the bathroom, you can install a holder on the inside of a cabinet door. It is relatively cheap and it saves a lot of time. You can even use this idea to store some styling products, hairbrushes or perhaps some magazines.
  • Install drawers inside your cabinets will help to maximize storage space. It also makes it a lot easier to organize and fine items.
  • Another option is to use a lazy susan inside your bathroom cabinet to make it easier to access smaller items.
  • If you have a pedestal or wall-mounted sink with no cabinets, you can buy shelves that will fit around it. In the event that bathroom suppliers do not have any in stock, you can simply make your own, with a little effort of course.
  • When your space is just too narrow to install full-size bathroom cabinets, you can purchase some narrow cabinets with drawers. They fit into small, narrow spaces without any effort at all.
  • If you are able to, you can create a recessed tile-lined niched in the bathroom shower. This small opening provides storage that doesn’t get in your way and it easy to reach. It is a great place for storing shampoos, soaps, a razor or other necessities you use in the shower.
  • The backs of your cabinet doors are full of unused space. Attach shallow caddies to the back of it to add extra storage for items such as hand soap, cotton balls or cleaning supplies. If you want to go a step further, you can label each shelf to make sure it is more organized.
  • When you do have some space next to your sink, you can get a freestanding cabinet. It is a great substitute for a linen closet. You can save money by looking for unfinished cabinets at supplier, or buying a decent second-hand one. Keep everything neat and tidy within thee cabinet by using bins, baskets, or containers to separate items.
  • Avoid cluttering your bathroom by storing toiletries and other everyday bathroom essentials in baskets on shelves. You can even group items for a specific task, person, or time of day.
  • Keep dirty towels and clothes off the bathroom floor by creating a hidden laundry basket. You can do this by installing a hamper inside a cabinet with a tilting door. This makes it easily accessible and it keeps your bathroom tidy.
  • If you don’t want to spend money or a towel rack or storage space, get a nice wooden chair. It offers a simple, warm and welcome place to sit. It also serves as a spot for resting a small stack of towels. So place it near your bathtub or shower so that you can reach them easily.