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Buying Bathroom Showers

Buying Bathroom Showers

Buying bathroom showers is very difficult because we struggle with little details that are in fact very important. Our shower guide has been created to help you make the right choice when buying bathroom showers or simply want to know more.

5 easy step to buying bathroom showers

1. Inspiration

Be sure to visit your plumbing supplier or home improvement center in order to look for the perfect look.

2. Research

Find out what bathroom water supply system you have. This will affect the style of showers you can install.

3. Measurements

Work out how much space you have in your bathroom. This will determine the size of your shower and if you need to go with an over-bath shower instead.

4. Choose

Pick a shower that fits in the space and hot water supply.

5.Finishing touches

You can personalize your shower and create the perfect package. It can be accomplished by getting a few accessories that ranges from multi-spray showerheads with selectable spray patters, to clearly labeled dials, soap dishes and shower racks.

What else do I need to consider when buying bathroom showers?

You need to work out which type of hot water supply you have in your home. This will have a huge impact on the pressure of your shower and what type of shower you can install.

What type of shower should I choose?

Mixer showers

These are simple to use showers that rely or your existing water pressure. This makes them perfect for homes with high water pressure and lots of hot water. With mixer showers, the pipework can be wall-mounted or concealed behind the tiles to create a clean, sleek design. Many models also feature thermostatic valves for consistent water temperature and enhanced safety.

Power showers

These showers are ideal in homes that suffer from low water pressure. They work by pre-mixing hot and cold water, then increasing the water flow rate with an electric pump to provide a high-pressure shower. Whilst they provide a powerful, invigorating shower, they do use more water than standard electric showers. This means that power showers are slightly more expensive to run.

Electric showers

Electric showers draw cold water directly from the mains supply before heating it. This helps to keep running costs down, which makes them an economical option for busy family bathrooms.