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Jack and Jill Bathroom

Jack and Jill Bathroom

A Jack and Jill Bathroom is a bathroom that is connected to two rooms by two doors. The bathroom may have two wash basins but it all depends on the owner.

Privacy Measures:

Due to the fat that a Jack and Jill bathroom is shared, it would make sense to have locks on both doors and of course, a working set of keys. This will allow the occupants to use the bathroom without entering the other’s bedroom.

If privacy is not such a big issue, there will be no need to lock the door when you only brush your teeth or wash your face.

Variants of the Jack and Jill bathroom:

Type of variant Explanation
Shower room Many of these bathrooms re actually shower rooms with no bathtub.
two doors, one bedroom One bedroom is connected to the bathroom while the other door will lead to the hallway.
Divided bathroom Some of thee bathrooms are subdivided so that bathtub, shower and toilet is included in more than one small room. These small rooms will have a lock on the inside with the washbasins in a common area.
Washbasins in the bedroom When the divided bathrooms were designed,the lack of space was taken into account. Washbasins was installed into the bedrooms of the occupants so that the space in the bathroom can be maximized.