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Bathroom Lighting Types

In our bathrooms, we perform a multitude of tasks that range from taking a bath, applying makeup or even drying your hair. Bathroom lighting is one of the most significant items we need to think about. Applying makeup will require different lighting than when you are simply taking a bath. A bathroom is on average very small and we tend to think we can get away with only a simple ceiling light. The correct placement of your bathroom lighting will ensure that you can perform more than one task in your bathroom.

Common bathroom lighting sources

Ceiling lights: These are great for overall room lighting or ambient light. It forces light downward onto the tops of our hear or surfaces, while casting shadows. It might not be the best bathroom lighting for your face. It is great for lighting up the whole room. If you have the correct ceiling lights it can only be beneficial. You can direct the bulbs to shine on specific items for decoration purposes.

Wall lights or scones: Lights that are placed at eye level are the best for applying makeup or inspecting your face. It does not cast any shadows along the facial features. Multiple bulbs are better than just having one on each side. Think of the old-fashioned makeup mirrors and you’ll get the idea. Certain colours might be filtered out of the bulbs if you use lampshades orĀ  diffusers. When you apply makeup, the broadest spectrum of light will allow you to accurately see the colours. In this aspect, lampshades may not be the best choice. If you use them only for decoration, it can help to decrease the bulb’s brightness.

Chandelier lights: The purpose of the chandelier or pendant lamp in the bathroom is to be a decorative piece. The fixture might throw off light but it is actually meant to compliment the other bathroom lighting you have. Any chandelier you install should be rated for bathroom application. Please note that it must be placed high enough above main walkways.

Windows or skylights: Having natural light in the bathroom is ideal. It is not only the most accurate type of light with the best color rendering index but you will find that you don’t need to turn the lights on as much as you thought you would. Skylights are also beneficial because they light up the bathroom, even on gray days. It creates a greater sense of space within the bathroom and it floods the area with light.

Night lights: Night lights are only designed to be very helpful in the darkness of the night by providing a little bit of light so that you see either where you are going or to get the most important items. Please note that the wattage of these bulbs are extremely low and they are usually positioned near the sink, toilet or near the floor so that you can safely navigate during the night.