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Kids safety in bathrooms

Kids safety in bathrooms

Why do you need to worry about safety in bathrooms?

Most of us probably don’t worry about our children playing in the bathroom or that they bathe alone. Let’s be clear, a child alone in a bathroom can have a few consequences. The major safety issue is hot water. Honestly, it’s not just the hot water but the sharp objects such as razor blades. Your child is also at risk if you leave any medical supplies or poisonous substances around. Even a little pack of aspirin is dangerous.

Hot water is more of a threat to your child than it is to you. To maintain your kids safety in bathrooms, you need to make sure that the water isn’t too hot. The best advice to deal with this dilemma would to install a temperature controlled thermostat with a mixer. It’s not only your safety in bathrooms that are at risk but your children and guests too.

Burns in children are reported to be amongst the most prevalent traumatic injuries around the world. It can be absolutely devastating to children. It’s not only the physical pain, but also the ongoing emotional and psychological impact that it leaves behind.

Hot domestic water is usually stored in the geyser at 60˚C. It can cause a second degree burn in merely three seconds, while a third degree burn takes approximately five seconds.

Before placing a child into the bath or getting into the tub yourself, test the temperature of the water by moving your hand rapidly through the water for several seconds. Remember that a child’s delicate skin will burn more quickly than an adult’s.

Never leave a young child unattended in the bathroom or tub. It can only take one minute for something to happen. So rather pay attention and be with your child. When they’re older, it’s not such a big deal.

Be very careful when you bathe infants in the sink. Nowadays people install a single-lever tap on their sinks and it can be very easy to turn on accidentally. The main issue here, is hot water. Your child can burn in mere seconds.

Adjust the thermostat setting on your water heater to produce a desired water temperature. It is utterly pointless to have a geyser at almost boiling point. Keep the temperate down towards 50º or 45ºC. There isn’t just a lower risk of burns. You will also save on your electrical bill each month because your geyser won’t take that long to reach the desired temperature.