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Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom Essentials

The bathroom essentials you need might be different from the guy next door,  your family or friends. Remember that your bathroom needs a few things before it is good enough for you.

Whether you have just bought a house, live in a student home with your own bathroom or you just want to to make sure your bathroom is up to standard, this small list will help you to remember everything. Some might argue that some of these items are plainly not necessary but keep in mind that this is our own version of what we think is necessary in the bathroom. You can live with somethings but you cannot leave a few things out. Everyone is different.

  1. Good lighting. A good hanging lamp will be enough to light up your bathroom. You can’t expect to do everything in poor lighting conditions.
  2. A good mirror. This will cause major problems if you have one that is not up to standard. Especially when you need to use it.
  3. A matching set of towels. Your towels have to match and compliment your bathroom.
  4. Durable bath mat. It needs to look good but it should also absorb water and withstand dirty feet.
  5. Non-standard shower curtain or door. It is always good to personalise your bathroom to your liking. This includes the shower doors and curtains.
  6. Quality cleaning supplies. Always stock up on cleaning supplies that makes life a bit easier for you.
  7. Storage. This should cause a few alarms to go off. Your storage space in your bathroom should be good enough for you items. Don’t go too big when you have a small bathroom.
  8. A good bathroom window. Remember that your window needs to protect your privacy and look good at the same time.
  9. A toothbrush holder. This might seems like a very small thing but you won’t be happy when your toothbrush falls on the floor or ends up where you don’t want to get it out.
  10. Trash can. Some people might call it impractical but it is a major advantage if you need to throw a razor blade away  or a used bandage.
  11. Good hand soap. There’s no point in having soap if it makes your hands squeaky clean but it smells like a wet dog. Always choose something that does the job while keeping your hands smelling nice.
  12. Hand towels. This is a major help if you just wash your hand or if you have guests.