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Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom decoration is often a very tedious and somewhat boring task. Whether it’s your bathroom in your first home or you’ve recently moved and want to start off on the right foot, there’s a certain number of items that are only essentials. We’ve made a small list of items that we think is needed in your bathroom.

Why bathroom decoration?

Some might argue that these items are not completely essential for your bathroom and it might be correct. You can live without some of these items but why would you? The bathroom is an often neglected area of the home but it can make a huge impact on your guests. A home that’s decorated to perfection will draw their attention but your bathroom might ruin their opinion of your otherwise, stylish home. The other benefit is that you’ll have a good-looking place where you can relax while getting ready for work or just soaking in the bath after a long day. The following is a list of the essentials when applying a bit of bathroom decoration:

  1. Good lighting: You need to have sufficient lighting, without straining your eyes.
  2. Good mirror: There’s nothing worse than a bad mirror. Make sure it’s large enough and that it looks good.
  3. A matching set of towels: It gives your bathroom that harmonious look.
  4. Durable bath mat: Keep it good looking but it must be able to withstand dirt and protect your clean feet..
  5. Non-standard shower curtain: This will help you to avoid that dull, cheap look.
  6. Good cleaning supplies: Make sure you have the right items to make your bathroom sparkle.
  7. Good storage solutions: Use the least space to create the most storage.
  8. Good window treatment: A bathroom window treatment has to look good and protect your privacy at all times.
  9. Toothbrush holder: You never realise how important it is until your toothbrush lands on the floor or worse, the toilet.
  10. Trash can: Don’t just get a plain one. Rather have something that compliments your bathroom.
  11. Good smelling hand soap: It might not seem important but smelly soap is not impressive.
  12. Hand towel for guests: Use a traditional towel or one that fits in with your bathroom.