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bathroom lighting tips

Bathroom Lighting Tips

The following bathroom lighting tips might help you with managing and maintaining a sufficient amount of lighting in your bathroom. As you know, bathroom lighting is more complex than just switching on a light. Below you will find a few handy tips & trick which may, or may not help you out.

Bathroom Lighting Tips

Mirrors: If you have more than one reflective surface, it will help to distribute light throughout the room. Mirrors are (obviously) a great choice for this purpose. A mirror above the sink is the best placement but you might want to consider having side mirrors or a full-length mirror elsewhere in the room. If you have a mirror opposite of one, it can help you the see the back of your head and to reflect more light.

Putting on makeup: One of the primary tasks in the bathroom that required specialized lighting is putting on makeup. Why do you need lighting? Makeup is reliant on colour accuracy, colour blending and manipulating facial features. You will need a very high color spectrum type of bulb to illuminate not only your face but the working surface. If you want to use makeup for a different environment, it would be best to get bulbs that mimic the light in that environment. Of course you want to look your best when you go out to work or even go dancing. If you can find the right bulbs to mimic the changes in light, your task will become a lot easier.

Energy Saving: You can save up on the cost of electricity by swapping out your bulbs. Always make sure of what type of bulb you are using and get the most energy efficient one you can. It could always help you to save more energy by having all the different lights on a switch. This means that you don’t waste electricity by leaving on lights that are not being used. Do not settle for cheap energy saving bulbs because they may burn out very quickly. The best energy-saving bulbs to get would be LED’s. They are not only very efficient but their light is pretty bright.