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Common tips for cleaning bathrooms

Common tips for cleaning bathrooms

These are a collection of tricks and tips for cleaning bathrooms without a struggle. Some of these tips are already known to most people but some might even be strange. Take a look and decide if you want to use any of these methods.

  1. A cap of sugar soap in a spray bottle of water will remove soap scum from surfaces. Rinse off afterwards.
  2. A lemon sliced in half and rubbed on glass shower doors cuts will remove dirt easily.
  3. After you’re done with your shower, take a towel and dry all the excess water off the shower screen. This will remove soap scum and it will prevent the shower from getting moldy too quickly.
  4. Use clove oil if you have any mold to deal with. It is non-toxic and it will continue to destroy the mold after it is first administered.
  5. Pour a cap of bleach in your drain if it is clogged. The acidity of the bleach will remove any particles in the way.
  6. To fog-proof your mirrors, use a dash of liquid soap and buff it.
  7. Mix salt and turpentine together and rub porcelain with the mixture to brighten it up.
  8. Use bicarbonate of soda mixed with lavender oil to make a cleaning paste. It smells nice and it cleans. This mixture can be used to clean tiles, baths and sinks.
  9. Use baby wipes (wet wipes) on delicate surfaces. The wipes will not damage or destroy anything, but will leave your bathroom as clean as a whistle.
  10. Use toothpaste on silver taps to make them nice and shiny.
  11. Use washing powder on the bathtub to get off tough dirt stains in warm water.
  12. White vinegar is excels at killing and removing mold from tough surfaces.