Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

With the myriad of decisions facing you when you decide to remodel or create a bathroom in your home, the one you expect to be most enjoyable is choosing the tiles. They set the tone for the entire look and feel of the finished space and will likely be the first thing you notice.

Choose your wow-factor feature

Think about what tiles you’ll want to use for your backsplash. If you decide early on what the focal point of your bathroom is from the start, you can then begin to choose tiles that will complement and enhance your chosen feature.

Choose a stand-out tile

One easy way to begin choosing your bathroom tiles is to find one design that you really love. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a certain pattern, bold color, or an interesting shape. This will become your feature tile in the room which can be used either as an accent on the walls or perhaps to add some drama to your floors or shower enclosure.

Consider your accent tiles

You’ll want to make sure that the complementary tiles do just that – choosing too many bold tiles in a room will create too many focal points, so something neutral, plain, or a simply textured style should do nicely here, allowing your stand-out tile to take center stage.

Tile size vs Room size

Generally speaking, if your room size is small, you may wish to hold off on using any large format tiles in the space. Choose tiles that will complement the size of your room, so medium-sized tiles for a mid-size bathroom or mosaic tiles for a very small cloakroom.

Add texture

Stone effect tiles, slate, travertine, natural stone tiles, and marble effect tiles will all give you a look firmly rooted in nature. Complement these textures with natural wood tones for a relaxing and rejuvenating finish.