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Bathroom Taps

Bathroom Taps

There are many different types of bathroom taps out on the market. From classic to contemporary and mixer to pillar, there are a huge number to choose from. How do you choose one? You need to keep your overall bathroom design into consideration, as well as your budget.

Different types of bathroom types

Whether you want a new basin or bathtub, you need to know a little more about taps because you simply cannot slap any tap on there.

Pillar tap

The traditional pillar style bathroom taps are available in both classic and contemporary designs. These are manufactured for baths and basins with two tap holes. It has a pair of separate pillars comprises of one hot and one cold tap. It features a traditional cross head or a more modern lever handle. Pillar taps tend to be fairly cheap and easy to install.

Mixer tap

Mixer taps have two handles on either side of a single pout. They mix hot and cold water in the body of the tap. The water flow and temperature are controlled by the separate handles. When you plan on getting mixer bathroom taps, it is important to check your water pressure because some mixers may require a relatively high pressure to function properly.

Mono tap

These bathroom taps are controlled by a single lever. They mix hot and cold water through a single spout. Mono taps offer easy of control and a minimalist, clean design that go really well with modern bathrooms.

If you do want to install a mono tap, you need to remember that they do require an equal amount of pressure in your hot and cold water supplies to work effectively. If your water pressure is unequal, you can have a dual flow mono mixer which.

Shower mixer tap

A shower mixer tap has a diverter which directs water from the bath filler to a shower fitting. It offers a cost effective alternative to a separate shower, without the need for additional plumbing or a shower pump. It also helps parents with bathing their children. Depending on the style of your bathroom, the showerhead can be placed telephone-style over the tap for a traditional look or hung over the bath with a wall bracket.

Freestanding tap

This tap is believed to be a great partner to a roll-top bath, and countertop basins. They rise up from the worktop or floor. It features a variety of styles from mixers to monoblocs. Freestanding bathroom taps are an eye-catching feature that can be used to bring a traditional twist to any bathroom or a bit of contemporary appeal to minimalist and modern bathroom designs.