How To Choose Bathroom Taps

Selecting the perfect bathroom taps is as personal to some as choosing your next car.  They’re a practical, reliable, and consistent element of your daily life that’s going to be in your home for a considerable amount of time.

Water pressure

Your water pressure determines which taps you have in your bathroom, so it’s important that you’re aware of this beforehand. If you install a tap that needs a high pressure to function but has low water pressure in your home, then it’s likely you’ll get nothing more than a measly drizzle, unfortunately. Before choosing between bathroom taps, you’ll need to make sure you find one that’s suitable for your pressure system to ensure it works perfectly.

Tap Holes

If your basin has one pre-drilled tap hole, then you’ll need a mixer tap so you can get both your hot and cold water through one spout. Whereas, if you have two tap holes, you’ll need some pillar taps – traditionally one for hot water, and the other for cold water – or alternatively, a deck mounted mixer tap.

Bath vs Basin Taps

Keep an eye out when you’re buying your taps that you’re definitely looking at the right ones. Often, you can get your hands on a matching set of basin and bath taps, or even a pair bundled together. But if you’re seeking them separately, you want to make sure you get both a specific bath and basin tap as they’re not a one-size-fits-all deal. Be careful you don’t end up trying to fit a bath tap to a basin – you might end up wasting precious time and money on an unfortunate mistake.