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Daily Bathroom Cleaning Habits

Do you feel like after you’ve used the bathroom after one time, it looks unclean and messy? Here are some cleaning habits you can do every day to keep your bathroom fresh and clean.

Give your sink a good rinse every day and night

One thing I hate is toothpaste and hair all over the sink! The habit of quickly rinsing and wiping down your sink daily is one that will definitely take practice, but once you start doing it, and see the difference, you wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s such a simple task to do and it will make your bathroom cleaning day a lot easier if the sinks are maintained daily. You can clean your sink with Handy-Andy or whatever your trusted sink cleaner is.

Clean your bath mats every few weeks

We all know the feeling of having dirty mats, it just makes a person go “ew”. It’s amazing how yucky the bath mats start looking after only a week or so. Wash your mats once every couple of weeks and they come out looking like new! It makes the bathroom look so spiffy every time after placing the freshly washed mats out.

Ventilation / Scents

We all know that ventilation is a very important factor to us, especially making a room smell clean and fresh. One thing about keeping your bathroom clean is opening a window so that nice ventilation can run through. If you don’t have any ventilation, your best option is having bathroom scented sprays or scented candles.

Clean your toilet regularly

It would be absolutely mortifying if you had guests over and they need to use your bathroom and they come across a dirty toilet full of marks and bacteria. That alone should be more than enough reason to clean your toilet. You should clean your toilet with a toilet brush and bacteria killer cleaner that will leave your toilet looking clean and fresh.