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Bathroom Makeover Tips

There’s no denying that bathroom renovations can be costly. But we’re big believers in the idea that good style doesn’t have to have a high price tag, which is why we came up with a fresh batch of budget-friendly decor ideas that actually make a difference. Just because we can’t splurge on the clawfoot tub of our dreams doesn’t mean we can’t give our bathrooms a major design upgrade. These bathroom decorating ideas will give you the high-quality look and refresh you’re looking for.

Incorporate Brass Accents:

Brass features add “a hint of luxury and a nod to older styles.” Any easy yet cheap way to do that? Incorporate brass accessories. If not with a faucet or mirror, use a brass soap dispenser, tissue box, toothbrush holder, or even a set of hardware for hanging towels and robes to give that hint of the luxurious old style.

Use fake plants:

This type of bathroom proves that you don’t need a huge space to make an impact, especially when plants are involved. Do you love plants but can’t keep them alive or don’t think the ones that eventually die are worth the money? There are actually some pretty great artificial plants and leaves that don’t look totally fake, whether you display them together in a vase or bolster a bouquet of flowers with them. The plants in your bathroom will give a pop of color and aesthetic, pleasing to the eye.

Install shelves:

If your bathroom is tiny, clear clutter and adds more surface space by installing a shelf above the toilet or right under the mirror and above the sink. It will give a fuller illusion without taking most of the space as cabinets do. You can place your toothbrushes, mini towels, or small candles to give your bathroom some type of warm feeling.

Include more mirrors:

Most people think of mirrors in bathrooms only for the purpose of checking yourself or primping hair. But it’s also important to think of mirrors in bathrooms as design elements that expand the room visually and add light to the room. Many homeowners like to add a second mirror in addition to the primary mirror located above the bathroom sink.