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Types of bathtubs for modern bathrooms

Today there are more than just two types of bathtubs. As all of us know, a bathtub is simply a big water container in which all of us bathe. Now have a look at some of the types of bathtubs you may or may not have encountered before.

The types of bathtubs available today, are the following:

Clawfoot baths and pedestal baths

Clawfoot baths are baths that stand on on four clawed feet.  It became popular as a high society item during the late 19th century.

Recessed or alcove baths

Recessed or alcove baths are the kind of tub the almost all of us are familiar with. It is usually installed against a wall on two or three sides. These baths are often installed with showers over them.

Drop-in baths

A drop-in bath is one that’s designed to either drop into an area made in the floor or a raised platform for a flush finish.

Freestanding baths

Freestanding baths, in the simplest sense, are those that do not connect to any walls for support. Clawfoot baths and pedestal baths are technically “freestanding baths”, but the classification includes many other varieties.

Corner baths

Corner baths are triangular in shape and are designed to fit into a corner like a wedge.  They are sometimes fitted with water jets to make them into a cheat whirlpool bath.

Whirlpool baths and Jacuzzis

Whirlpool baths made their first real appearance in 1968. Jacuzzi is now an accepted generic term for whirlpool baths but it is mostly used as a brand name all over the world.

Walk-in and gated baths

Walk-in and gated baths have high walls and a seat in the tub. It usually has a door that opens up from one side to allow the person to walk directly into the tub. These tubs are manufactured to help the disabled and elderly to bathe with minimal amount assistance.