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GROHE introduces infrared electronics

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GROHE product solutions for semi-public sanitary facilities

Electronically controlled faucets and fittings have become the standard in most sanitary facilities at airports, arenas or motorway service stations. But what about washrooms in cafes, doctor’s surgeries or offices? Even though such locations are less heavily frequented, no compromise should be made with regard to hygiene, comfort and sustainability. GROHE offers operators of semi-public sanitary facilities a wide range of products that contribute to users’ well-being while at the same time helping save water and energy – a win-win solution for the modern washroom.

While semi-public washrooms, e.g. in offices or libraries, are not that heavily and regularly frequented, the constant change of users requires the sanitary facility to perform certain functions to ensure that it stays clean at all times and does not become a haven for potential pathogens. Capable of recognising hand movements or the presence of bodies, infrared electronic sanitary products are the most hygienic solutions thanks to their touch-free operation.

Intelligent product solutions

Installing an electronically controlled GROHE faucet makes sense also in a washroom with only one or two wash basins. It is quick and easy to install, has a brilliant, long-life surface and blends in with virtually any environment thanks to its modern design. Most importantly, however, it is full of innovative technologies. The latest exciting additions to the GROHE range include the touch-free Europlus E, Eurosmart CE and Euroeco CE faucet lines with efficient low-energy electronics. They draw their energy from the mains supply, the GROHE LongLife battery or the GROHE PowerBox, which converts the energy of the flowing water into electric energy.

The touch-free faucets, just like the latest electronic Tectron flushing technology, feature a single infrared window. The electronics behind this window facilitates a bidirectional data transfer – these sanitary fittings not only receive commands for individual programmes and settings but also deliver consumption data. This way the faucets and the flushing system provide a transparent overview of the frequency, duration and times of use. Setting the automatic cleaning mode and thermal disinfection cycles in accordance with actual requirements has never been easier and any necessary maintenance can be planned in good time. This greatly facilitates both operation and maintenance while reducing water and energy costs at the same time.

Comfortable control

GROHE infrared products are controlled and their data are transferred to the remote control. This allows many of the previously manual settings such as flushing duration, automatic flushing, thermal disinfection and other functions to be set even more flexibly and precisely. By defining the flushing processes in detail, operators prevent stagnation and the formation of hazardous germs and unpleasant odours.

Hygienic, intelligent, sustainable and comfortable – four strong arguments to install GROHE infrared electronics also in semi-public sanitary facilities.