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Digital sanitary technology making inroads into kitchens and bathrooms

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Recent years have seen more and more digital sanitary products introduce innovative functions for all areas of bathrooms and kitchens. More and more consumers are recognising that digitally controlled products are far more than nice gadgets and offer them additional convenience and flexibility when it comes to adjusting functions to their personal needs and preferences.

Knowledge is key in selling digital sanitary technology

Digital sanitary products offer numerous benefits in daily use, but not all consumers may recognise these advantages immediately. Many customers remain unaware of the digital revolution taking place in kitchens and bathrooms in the form of faucets and showers that are operated via mobile and easily programmed digital controllers.

As a general rule, digital products are an excellent choice for customers looking for greater convenience, flexibility and ergonomics as well as tailor-made features. For instance, the main sales points for the GROHE F-digital lines for the kitchen and bathroom include:

Digital sanitary technology is particularly user-friendly and convenient. Its intuitive operation via digital controllers allows users to store the preferred settings for their personal showering experience. While one button of the digital controller starts and stops the water flow, the plus and minus buttons increase and decrease the temperature. The water flow is adjusted by turning the outer ring of the controller and a coloured LED ring indicates the current water temperature. Moreover, there is a digital diverter for the bath. Its buttons permit to switch between the head shower and the hand shower as well as the side shower and the bath spout. Here, too, LEDs indicate which water outlet is currently being used.

Another important aspect that can be addressed in the sales pitch is sustainability. In this area, the GROHE F-digital lines excel as well. The Pause function can be used to pause the water flow and restart it at the same temperature and flow. This smart feature is, for example, ideal for shampooing in the shower or washing dishes in the kitchen. It helps users manage their water consumption and utility bills while helping to conserve natural resources at the same time. Moreover, the products permit to adjust the flow limit to save even more water.

Elderly people as well as people with special needs also benefit from having GROHE F-digital installed in their bathroom. The system’s digital controllers can be placed wherever they are most convenient to reach, allowing users to fill the bath without having to bend over the tub. When it comes to showering, a nurse can control the shower from outside, leaving the hands of the person in the shower free to hold on to the rails.

However, wireless technology is not only very easy to operate, but also offers maximum freedom in planning and designing bathrooms. Not being hard-wired to the faucets, digital controllers can be placed and used anywhere in the room. As a result, they can be positioned for ease of use and optimum visual impact at the same time. In addition, the digital thermostatic mixers may be located up to nine metres away from the bath or shower fittings, for even more flexible bathroom design and simplified maintenance.

· GROHE F-digital offers a modular concept for all water outlets. The range of coordinated fittings for the basin, bathtub and shower can be combined with mechanical fittings of the same line without compromising the coordinated look throughout the bathroom. Customers can choose from several aesthetic product lines, which perfectly complement their interior design style. The matching minimalist design of the round controller completes the overall picture.

And last but not least, both consumers and plumbers benefit from the easy installation and maintenance of the GROHE F-digital lines.

Innovative additional functions at each water outlet

GROHE F-digital adds unique features to every water outlet – be sure to use them to impress and convince your customers.

Shower: Every customer secretly dreams of the warm-up mode. The light on the digital controller tells them when the pre-selected temperature is reached and it is time to enter the shower.

Bathtub: The automatic bath filling feature fills the bathtub to the desired water temperature and level – no need to constantly peek in the bathroom to check whether the bath is ready.

Basin: The memory function saves the preferred water temperature and flow settings, so they can be repeated at any time.

Sink: The presettable safety stop allows to fill the kitchen sink automatically for washing up.