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Bathroom Sink Materials

Bathroom sink materials are the materials used in the construction of the sink. It is also important in the aspects of style and decor. You also need to consider the durability and usability of a sink. As with all homeowners, you will have an interest in the bathroom sink material because of the way it will fit the decor of your bathroom. Please keep in mind how the material will hold up to years of use and maintenance. Here are some of the bathroom sink…

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Bathroom Vanity Types

There are numerous bathroom vanity types available on the market. They are available in a huge range of styles but there are three, along with some information on them. Bathroom Vanity Types Mounted Shelf Vanities: Something as basic as a shelf mounted under or next to a mirror can serve with a pedestal or wall sink to make one of the simplest bathroom vanities. This option is cheap, easy to install and easy to maintain. The only drawback is the design because no matter how…

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bathroom lighting

Designing Bathroom Light

Designing bathroom light is a complex thing to accomplish. Even a small bathroom with adequate bathroom lighting can make a huge difference. Luxurious large spaces can create an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. This is done by using layers of light that illuminate the busy areas like the shower or vanity, while casting a glow on attractive features like artwork. How to use a bathroom light: For functional and visually pleasing lighting in a bathroom, you might need to consider the following strategies: Prevent vanity…

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Bathroom toilets

Bathroom Toilet Types

There are multiple bathroom toilet types out there. Nowadays we take the toilet for granted. It was not until the early 20th century that many homes were connected to a public sewer system. Go forward for about 100 years and the toilet is as much a statement of style as it a practicality. Toilets come in a wide arrangement of shapes, sizes and typed. This can be from the conventional close-coupled toilet to the more recent wall-mounted one. With so many options out there, it…

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About Bathrooms

Bathroom Shower History

Bathroom showers have not always been the showers we know and love today. Bathroom shower history topics are hard to come by and most of us take it for granted. Here you will find a little research into bathroom shower history. Bathroom shower history: The first showers were something nature has to offer.  Ancient tribal people would cleanse themselves by standing under falling water. This included waterfalls and rain. Showering and bathing became more commonplace when civilization began to progress. The ancient Egyptians would have…

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