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Primador was established in 1996 and part of the PG Group of Companies and it is a premium brand which delivers innovative aluminium-based solutions and systems in the building industry. The concern has a national footprint with manufacturing operations in Gauteng and Cape Town - tailoring its products and services to the demands of each region.

The business focus is on medium and long-term goals rather than short-term profits, with emphasis on sustainable growth.

Primador specialises in the manufacture of architectural aluminium products and our portfolio offering includes Vista folding doors, patio sliding doors, hinged doors, casement and sliding windows, shop fronts, showers and custom design products. The Elite range of aluminium windows and sliding doors are unique to Primador. It is a quality product; designed to offer value for money whilst adhering to the highest performance standards. The Primador product ranges cater for diverse climatic conditions in residential, commercial and industrial developments and are increasingly trendy in the home improvement market. Primador products are renowned for maintaining exceptional standards in safety and heating controls and comply with legislation; ensuring customer satisfaction.

Primador boasts continuous growth through its expertise and innovative development capabilities in materials and systems design. Engineering is directed towards future-significant topics such as energy efficiency, mobility and green living. Our products are subjected to “Hot Box” testing against the 613 standard to comply with SANS 10400XA. Product ranges are simulated in order to obtain the required U value and solar heat gain results; enabling the design of buildings to comply with all energy legislation.

As a member of AAAMSA (Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa) all Primador aluminium ranges conform to their definitive standards and in addition adhere to the prescriptions of SAGGA (South African Glass and Glazing Association). All Primador products are glazed in accordance with SANS 10400XA specifications, complying with the National Building Regulations' requirements regarding deflection, glazing, water- and air infiltration.

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